Car Scents- car freshener

California Scents Car Scents- car freshener is the original air freshener and the best. Made in the USA, 100% natural and long lasting.  Car Scents- car freshener is our number one selling car air freshener and available throughout Australia.

The use of Car Scents- car freshener is simple.  Just open the can, replace the vented lid and place under the seat or in your cup holder and the let the product work its magic.  The can fits perfectly in cup holders.

Car Scents- car freshener is available in most auto accessories outlets and hand car wash outlets.  Please check our location page for more specific details.  Select from a variety of fragrances such as Palm Springs Pineapple, Desert Jasmine, Capistrano Coconut, Shasta Strawberry or La Jolla Lemon.

California car scents is considered one of the best car air fresheners in the market.  What other air freshener can last over 2 months, is made in the USA, 100% natural and is reasonably priced?

As far as car fresheners go, we believe that California Scents Car Scents is the best value for money in the market.

Available Displays

Laguna breeze | Fresh linen | Cherry | Jasmine | Golden state delight | Lemon | Melon | New car | Strawberry | Arctic ice | Cranberry | lavender | Grape | Cinnamon apple