California scents Aerosol air freshener

Ecoscents are proud to introduce the new line From California Scents Professional, the new  6.6 oz aerosol refills that can fit to any Aerosol dispenser. Aerosol air freshener refill can fit into all of the traditional automatic air freshener dispensers.

Using our unique fragrance oils , we have created a 3000 shot can that will last you longer then a 6000 shots can, how? By using our strongest organic oils…

Aerosol air freshener refill is formulated for the commercial cleaning industry. It is the only aerosol refill that uses natural ingredients, the aerosol refill lasts longer than other refills in the market due to the organic fragrance oils we use.

6.6 oz. Fragrance Spray Refills(CSP-R-1700)

  • No Acetone
  • 100% natural pure organic oils
  • Up to 3000 sprays
  • Works with API-DSP CSP-1700
  • Item Dimensions: 21/2 Inch x 2 1/2 Inch x 5 1/2 Inch

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