Green products- Air Fresheners

Green products for home from California scents. The all new Green Label air fresheners- a unique and effective earth friendly alternative to freshen the air- certified by EnviroKleen.

Green products are now a vital part of our day to day living, the Green Label air freshener is a more subtle air freshener that is perfect for consumer that do not like air fresheners that mask and overpower other scents around the house and car.

Green Label is packed in a recyclable container made from biodegradable plant fiber soaked in organic fragrance oils.


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Shopping for Eco-Friendly Options

Finding plant-based air fresheners these days is fairly easy, and they offer a variety of earth-friendly benefits. Forget about wasting energy with plug-in scented cartridges; greener options come in nonaerosol sprays and are biodegradable. Most eco-friendly odor-eliminating products also shun animal testing and utilize recyclable packaging. Pesticide-free lavender and citrus essential oils are most often used in organic air fresheners. Read the label carefully; just because an air freshener is unscented or claims to be natural doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent chemical-free.


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